"We knew there was something wrong with him early on" My brother Vaughn tries to hide his concern.

Who am I?

Ok, here's the short, business-centric answer

After studying philosophy and psychology in college, I decided to pursue my lifelong enthrallment with movies by starting my own film and video production company. There I completed my first 3d assignment and found I had some small knack for it. My fascination with the human face led me to apply what I was learning to virtual creatures and, in particular, facial dynamics. This, in turn, led to a post as technical director of 3DME, where I designed a real-time 3d facial animation system. Around this time, I also began dreaming the Latin names for the major muscles of the face. Shortly thereafter, I was asked to join the team at WETA DIGITAL, where I worked on the facial control system for the digital character Gollum for the movie Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers. Thereafter, I returned to freelance film and video production as owner / operator of Serpent's Heart. I am currently crouched in my under-lit office awaiting your call.